DJO surgical

Abbott Spine

DJO Surgical designs, manufactures, and sells a broad line of adult reconstructive hip, shoulder and knee implants, as well as spinal implant products. In addition to conventional technologies, the division has developed many cutting-edge, proprietary patented devices.

Please send in all components loose. Don't snap inserts into baseplates or liners into shells. Leave femoral heads off of stems. We take care of mounting all components during assembly.

DJO Knees:

Femoral Components:

EMPOWR 3D Knee Size 6 left
ACTIVUS 3D Size 6 left
EXPRT Revision Size B left
Movation P.S. Size 6
Foundation C/R Size 6 left
Foundation P.S. Size 6 left
Foundation Ceramic C/R Size 6 left
3D C/R Size 6 Left
EPIK Uni Size 4

Tibia Baseplates:

EMPOWR Knee Size 6 left
SL Trapezoid Size 6 left
Foundation Size 6 left
Foundation Mobile Bearing Size 6 Left
EPIK Uni Size 40mm


Any diameter patella.

Inserts & Augments:

Any thickness insert or augment will work with the above molds.

DJO Hips:

Hip Stems:

Foundation 460 Sz 13.5mm or smaller
MicroMax Sz 13.5mm or smaller
Taperfill Sz 8 or smaller
Lima Revision 70mm or smaller 
Linear Stem Sz 11 or smaller
Revelation Stem Sz 13.5 left or smaller
CLP Standard Stem Sz 5 or smaller

Acetabular Shells:

54 to 58mm Tritanium Hemispherical Shell
54 to 58mm Hemi FMP Cup (no hole, 3-hole, spiked or multi-hole)
54 to 58mm Flared Rim FMP Cup (no-hole, 3-hole, or multi-hole option)

Inserts & Heads:

Any style insert or neck length head will work with the above molds.

DJO Shoulders:

Humeral Stems:

Turon Stem - Size 10 or smaller
Foundation 8.5mm or smaller
Reverse Stem - Size 7 or smaller
Humeral Socket - +4 Offset
Humeral Socket Liner/Insert - 32mm Standard


Turon Glenoid
50mm Glenoid
Reverse Baseplate - 14mm & 30mm locking screws


Any size head will work with the above molds.