Mako Surgical Corp

Abbott Spine

MAKO Surgical Corp. is dedicated to advancing orthopedics through the discovery and development of quality innovative robotic and implantable sirgical solutions that consistently reproducibly and precisely restore patient quality of life.

MAKO Surgical Corp. is an innovative orthopedic medical device company that markets both its RIO® System and proprietary RESTORIS® Family of Knee Implants for a minimally invasive procedure called MAKOplasty®. MAKO has an intellectual property portfolio of more than 250 owned or licensed patents and patent applications relating to the areas of robotics, haptics, computer assisted surgery and implants.

We are a medical device company that markets both our robotic arm interactive orthopedic surgical platform and our proprietary RESTORIS® family of implants for minimally invasive orthopedic knee procedures. Our FDA-cleared RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System allows surgeons to perform a precise, consistently reproducible tissue-sparing, bone resurfacing procedure called MAKOplasty® that addresses a large, yet underserved patient-specific population suffering from early to mid-stage osteoarthritic knee disease.

Please send in all components loose. Don't snap inserts into baseplates or liners into shells. Leave femoral heads off of stems. We take care of mounting all components during assembly.

Mako Knees:

Femoral Components:

MCK PFJ Sz 5 Left
MCK Uni Condylar Sz 5 LM/RL
Restoris Sz 3 LM/RL


MCK Onlay Uni Baseplate Sz 5
Restoris Sz 4 Inlay Uni Tibia


Any size patella


Any thickness insert will work with the above molds.

Mako Hips:

Femoral Components:

Metafix Stem, Size 4 or smaller
TJO Stem, Size 3 or smaller
Corin Stem, Size 3 or smaller

Acetabular Components:

Trinity Shell, 50 to 58mm
TJO Cup, 50mm to 58mm