Abbott Spine

Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, Zimmer is the worldwide #1 pure-play orthopaedic leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing reconstructive and spinal implants, trauma and related orthopaedic surgical products. Zimmer has operations in more than 24 countries around the world and sells products in more than 100 countries. Zimmer's 2005 sales were approximately $3.3 billion. The Company is supported by the efforts of more than 6,700 employees worldwide.

Please send in all components loose. Don't snap inserts into baseplates or liners into shells. Leave femoral heads off of stems. We take care of mounting all components during assembly.

Zimmer Knees:

Femoral Components:

Persona C/R Sz 7 Left
Persona P.S. Sz 7 Left
Zimmer Uni Sz D, Left Medial
Nexgen LPS Sz D, Left
Nexgen P.S. Sz D, Left
Nexgen C/R Sz D Left
N-K I C/R Sz 2 left
N-K I Revision Sz 2 left
N-K II C/R Sz 2 left
N-K II P.S. Sz 2 left
N-K II CCK Sz 2 left
N-K II Revision Sz 2 left
Apollo C/R Sz 2
Apollo P.S. Sz 2
Apollo CCK Sz 2
Magna ROM-21 Sz 2 left
MOST Options Hinged Femur Sz 2 left
N-K Uni Sz 2
PFJ Sz 1 Left

Tibial Components:

Persona Sz F Left
Nexgen Sz 4
Zimmer Uni Sz 3, Left Medial
N-K I Sz 2
N-K II Sz 2 Left
Apollo Sz 2
Magna ROM-21 Sz 2
MOST Options Hinged Baseplate Sz 2 left
N-K Uni Sz 2


Any type or diameter patella 35mm or less
N-K II Sz 1 & 2
Apollo 32 x 35mm
Magna ROM-21 Sz 2

Inserts & Augments:

Any thickness insert or augment will work with the above molds.

Zimmer Hips:

Hip Stems:   (all stems should be Size Left)

VerSys Fibermetal Midcoat Collared Standard Offset Sz 14 or smaller
Trabecular Metal Primary Hip, Sz 13 or smaller
M/L Taper stem Sz 11 or smaller
Fullcoat Collared Sz 12 or smaller
C-Stem AMT Sz 3 Std. or smaller
VerSys Beaded Midcoat Collared Standard Offset Sz 14 or smaller
Spout Body Sz A
Cone Body Sz A
Mayo Sz 2 or smaller
Fiber Metal Taper LM Size 13mm or smaller
VerSys Standard Offset Size 14mm or smaller
Epoch Stem Size 14mm or smaller
Natural Hip Sz 2 or smaller Left Collared
Natural Hip Sz 2 or smaller Left Collarless
APR II-T  Sz 13.5 or smaller Left Standard or Large Body
Alloclassic Size 2 or smaller
Apollo Sz 2 or smaller 
CLS Sz 2 or smaller
Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Sz 13.5 or smaller
Advocate Sz 13 or smaller

Acetabular Shells / Cages:

Any style 52 to 58mm Trilogy Shells
52 to 58mm Continum Shells
52 to 58mm Inter-Op Hemi Cup
52 to 58mm Inter-Op Rim Flare Cup
28mm x 48mm Press Fit Cup
52 to 58mm Armor
52 to 58mm Allocor
52 to 58mm Allofit
52 to 58mm ACA
52 to 58mm Pyramid
52 to 58mm Fitek

Inserts & Heads:

Any style insert or neck length head will work with the above molds.

Zimmer Shoulders:

Humeral Stems:

Bigliani-Flatow Total Shoulder
BF Stem
TM Reverse Shoulder
Select Shoulder 8.5mm or smaller
Anatomical Shoulder 9mm or smaller


Medium Glenoid (keeled or pegged)
BF Glenoid
TM Reverse Plate
Anatomical Glenoid - Medium