We are specialists in Clearcast Models

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We strongly encourage you to explore the advantages of gaining new business and successfully closing deals with the gift of a ClearCast bone model. These anatomically exact models are proven patient education aids; reducing office visit duration and increasing patient understanding.
You can also find other orthopedic sample needs such as HA Coating on implants here. Our process replicates hydroxyapatite at a fraction of the cost of real HA. The replicated coating stands up to repeated handling without becoming discolored from oils in the hands.

Another specialty of ours is RTV rubber silicon and urethane tooling. Let us supply you with quick turnaround, low cost, repeatable fixtures.
Give us a call at CDC Design. Our personnel have 42 years of combined experience in the orthopedic manufacturing industry. Let our Clear Bones and other processes clear your way to valuable business!